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We partner with businesses to help them run better.

Endpoint Protection

requires computers, cell phones, tablets and remote access points be secure and recoverable.

Our Endpoint Protection Software allows us to remotely monitor system health and respond to issues 24/7.

Hosted Services

that are located in the Pacific Northwest only makes sense.

We provide Managed Servers, Web Site Hosting, Business Class Email and software Applications Environments.


Business Continuity

helps business owners harden IT infrastructure by designing and implementing strategies for Network Failures, Data Loss, RansomeWare Attacks, Power Loss and more.

We help plan for the unplanned.

Custom Software

is key when streamlining business operations. We specialize in business analytics, data transformations and software development.  Our portfolio of projects are rooted in accounting principals related to Patient Care, Student Management, Manufacturing and Scientific Research.


R&R Contractors NW – Site Launch

R&R Contractors NW – Site Launch

I had the pleasure of working with Ryan Ashley owner of RR Contractors NW on a website and marketing project. R&R Contractors NW is a general construction contracting company located in Yakima Washington. Where they provide various types of construction like...

NameCheap for Email is…

Only recently start tinkering with Namecheap email and it looks good enough to pass the sniff test. I'm going to move some email services to their platform and try it out. Right off the bat I noticed their setup for 3rd part DNS providers seemed a little weak but I...

WordPress upgrade problems

There's a lot going on. I Changed VPS hosts. I upgraded Ubuntu from 14 to 18, of course PHP and a slough of other shit. Then of course upgraded from Wordpress 4.6 to 5.2. Been dealing with various random issues. Here are a couple from today. Installed LetsEncrypt and...

Reference Apache Commands

Here's a list of Apache commands and operations.   Load & Unload Apache sites (Explicitly name the *.conf file if needed) a2ensite /etc/apache2/sites-available/* a2dissite /etc/apache2/sites-available/*   Recycle Apache (Compared to service apache2...

How to export all DNS records

Quickly Move DNS. The answer is you can't but don't back button yet, it only takes a few steps. Let me explain. Some DNS stuff is inherent and other stuff is referenced. For that reason it can't be discovered 3rd party. Things like A, MX and TXT records are inherent...

GoDaddy or NoDaddy

Full disclosure, I never recommend GoDaddy to anyone, EVER! I think they spend more on Superbowl commercials than infrastructure. Here's a chat transcript with a GoDaddy Support Rep. I had an A Record configured and the IP kept resolving to a GoDaddy IP. In the end I...