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We partner with businesses to help them run better.

Endpoint Protection

requires computers, cell phones, tablets and remote access points be secure and recoverable.

Our Endpoint Protection Software allows us to remotely monitor system health and respond to issues 24/7.

Hosted Services

that are located in the Pacific Northwest only makes sense.

We provide Managed Servers, Web Site Hosting, Business Class Email and software Applications Environments.


Business Continuity

helps business owners harden IT infrastructure by designing and implementing strategies for Network Failures, Data Loss, RansomeWare Attacks, Power Loss and more.

We help plan for the unplanned.

Custom Software

is key when streamlining business operations. We specialize in business analytics, data transformations and software development.  Our portfolio of projects are rooted in accounting principals related to Patient Care, Student Management, Manufacturing and Scientific Research.


Bondbyte.Shredder – Logging System

How it works The logging system uses the Windows Event viewer for logging transactions that occur during execution. These messages are unique to each type of connection and transformation definition. Transformation messages & errors that may during message processing...