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NO-IP offers dynamic domain services, You can read more about dynamic domain services here. No-IP is free and you get three hostnames. You can upgrade to 25 hostnames for 20$ a year, its pretty cheap. Oh, and the free version you have to confirm your hostnames once a month.


1. Go to NO-IP’s website and create an account. https://www.noip.com/sign-up
(note: when I signed up I created my hostname)
2. Activate account. This has a few important steps.

  • Download Update Client. The update client is what keeps your IP in Sync with the DNS Hostname.
  • Install Update Client
  • Login to Update Client



At this point you have DUC installed, DUC is the “Download Update Client” from the Sign-Up section. DUC runs on the computer and it keeps the NO-IP hostname & DNS in sync. You’re going to open DUC or it’s going to open automatically after install and Login with the account you created during the sign-up step.

So you should have 1 green check and two red checks. Click the Edit Hosts button and select the Hostname that you created during the sign-up step. You should have all green check marks now and it should show you an IP Address.

Now go to File – Preferences, Check the box that says “Enable a system service, which will be run when windows starts.” This will make NO-IP run as a Windows Service.


You have publicly accessible name that will update when your IP Changes. In effect this is a Static IP. DUC will run as a service and keep things happy.