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Bondbyte, Inc was formed in 2013. I had been moon lighting for years but the scale of projects had grown to the point that they required multiple IT professionals with various backgrounds to complete. I changed mindsets from I can do it all to, I can complete it all. Think of us as more of General Contractor. We do what we can and we hire what we can’t. Hosting Servers in a business office is not as efficient for us or you as hosting them in a server warehouse in Puyallup. It made sense, we stopped hosting web servers. There are many examples of this that help us make decisions over the years for ourselves and our customers. We like the cloud but there’s a break even when on premise solutions are a better investment. I love writing custom software but some times we find an  out of the box solution that is more financially palatable for you.

We have a team of professionals with background in Small to Large businesses to Data Center Operations. We have software developers and data engineers with experience starting in the mid 90’s.

What makes us different than other IT Solution providers? We look at the entire business. We consider the computers, software, network, internet & phones, network as one thing, a IT resource.