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We partner with businesses to help them run better.

Endpoint Protection

requires computers, cell phones, tablets and remote access points be secure and recoverable.

Our Endpoint Protection Software allows us to remotely monitor system health and respond to issues 24/7.

Hosted Services

that are located in the Pacific Northwest only makes sense.

We provide Managed Servers, Web Site Hosting, Business Class Email and software Applications Environments.


Business Continuity

helps business owners harden IT infrastructure by designing and implementing strategies for Network Failures, Data Loss, RansomeWare Attacks, Power Loss and more.

We help plan for the unplanned.

Custom Software

is key when streamlining business operations. We specialize in business analytics, data transformations and software development.  Our portfolio of projects are rooted in accounting principals related to Patient Care, Student Management, Manufacturing and Scientific Research.


Are there levels of HIPPA Compliance?

HIPAA compliance doesn't have formally defined "levels" per se, but organizations can achieve compliance in varying degrees of thoroughness and sophistication based on their specific needs and resources. Compliance can generally be categorized based on the depth and...

What is HIPAA

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) of 1996 is a critical piece of legislation that affects how healthcare information is managed and protected. From a software application perspective, the essence of HIPAA involves several key elements: 1....

WordPress Restore to Docker

This assumes you've followed my other blog post about creating a docker environment with a network, Nginx Reverse Proxy and LetsEncrypt NginX Reverse Proxy Companion. #Restore Script #Do this on the host. It will unballz the files. # Find and Replace these Values. I...

Docker WordPress Backup Script(s)

Here's a handy shell script to get the backup part going. We will need to create the script inside the Docker Wordpress Front End and another on the Wordpress Docker Backend. We will need to use docker cp on the host to copy the backup files out of the container. Then...

Accounting Principals & Design Patterns

Here are some notes on how to handle Accounting Principals while also using Design Patterns to solve what appears to be a simple problem. Accounting Principals are the fundamental components to accounting. These principals were invented or conceived long before...

WordPress and Mariadb on Docker

Using Docker for hosting Wordpress and Mariadb container seems like a no brainer. The container allows sites to be managed, maintained and moved without disrupting the other sites. We will need a nix box in the cloud, static IP is a must. We should probably create a...

Deploy WordPress Site – NOTES

Point DNS A Record at the host ip. A.k.a this Server. Connect to server and go to var/www and create a new folder for the site we're going to create. I like to use WincSCP for this step.  While connected using WinSCP go to var/www/wordpresstemplate and copy the...