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I had the pleasure of working with Ryan Ashley owner of RR Contractors NW on a website and marketing project.

R&R Contractors NW is a general construction contracting company located in Yakima Washington. Where they provide various types of construction like remodels, building, concrete and excavation to private and commercial customers.

The website can be found here. https://rrcontractorsnw.com/

Ryan sent tons of pictures of his work and a logo that was created prior to this project. We post processed the images, sliced and diced them in to some columns, banners, boxes and collages using GIMP. After kicking some some domain names around he settled on rrcontractorsnw.com . I spun him up a WordPress site on our farm and setup some DNS records for his new website. We created three pages to start, Home, About & Contact and Projects & Services. To the About & Contact page I added a Contact Form, Google Maps, some business info and some images.

On the marketing side of the project. We created a Google Business Listing and a Facebook site. We linked the site and the Social Media along with some HomeAdvisor reviews. We used WordPress Plugin from Emdbed Social to tie Facebook to WordPress together. Ryan can post new photos to his website with his Facebook App. Used Yoast SEO to workout an kinks in the website SEO.

Of course all of this requires a email! More DNS MX records, spin up a new mailbox. ryan@rrcontractorsnw.com. A 25$ a year mailbox is pretty cheap, it improves site ranking and it makes my life a lot easier. From now on, I’ll probably just start new projects off with a domain specific email if they customer doesn’t have one.

Once everything is working I hand off the account information for everything that was created and…… He calls me when there’s a problem.

Thanks for the cool project Ryan!