509.949.2162 jeremy@bondbyte.com

Point DNS A Record at the host ip. A.k.a this Server.

Connect to server and go to var/www and create a new folder for the site we’re going to create. I like to use WincSCP for this step.

 While connected using WinSCP go to var/www/wordpresstemplate and copy the contents to the new folder you created in the previous step.

With WinSCP go to the /var/www/newfolder/Deployment and open the WordPressDeploymentScript file and find and replace the parameters.

Once the parameters are replaced in the script file connect to the server with Putty.

Run the MySQL Commands to create the database and permissions.

Run the rsync, chown, chmod commands to setup the folder structure and copy contents.

Create a new site.conf file in /etc/apache2/sites-available

Create a symlink to the sites-enabled folder so apache will pickup and load the site.

restart apache2 

verify site is working on port 80, http

run letsencrypt to get ssl cerificate

install the following wordpress plugins,  Wordfence Security, duplicator, WP Mail SMTP, WPS Hide Login, Yoast SEO, Better Search Replace.

In the WordPress Plugin are setup WPS Hide Login by changing the login path /auth

Go to Wordfence and sign up for a free licensing using jeremy@bondbyte.com and activate Wordfence with the activation key.