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What is Endpoint Protection?

Endpoint protection is a critical component in every business.  Often times small businesses that experience high growth loose control of their endpoints. These endpoints include Computers, Tablets, Cell Phones and Remote Endpoints. 

The facts are, when we start a business we probably go to OfficeMax or BestBuy and purchase a computer with QuickBooks pre-installed. And that’s fine, after all computers are just computers. But as the business grows we buy another computer and another. These computers come with different virus software, different versions of Office and different versions of Windows.

Now the office gets Internet with Wifi and people start connecting cell phones and tablets. These are all endpoints, we build a strategy to secure some and segregate while actively monitoring for threats. 

How does it work

We help protect your systems and data by aligning services and software. We normalize your virus software. We patch Windows desktops and Servers regularly. We help consolidate cloud accounts like OneDrive, Google Cloud, Dropbox and more. We implement Multi-factor Authentication for Remotely Accessible Endpoints. All of these things help reduce the overall attack surface. 

This is often the first step in developing a strong business continuity plan. 

Comodo & ITarian are our preferred Endpoint Solutions. The software helps with remote monitoring, virus detection, firewall and containment to prevent data breaches.

Pricing and billing

Comodo & ITarian bundle costs 60$ a year per Endpoint.

This includes virus detection, containment, firewall and remote management. 

Incident resolution is billed at either 75$ or 90$ per hour depending on travel.