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Business Continuity

What is Business Continuity

In a nutshell Business Continuity is the overall benefit IT provides to your business. Below is a list of common Continuity Problems we solve. Some common industries we work with are….

  • Commcercial Sales
  • Construction
  • Manufacturing
  • Education
  • Research
  • Public Safety


Operation Priorities

Operation Priorities are unique to each business and we understand that. For some businesses the phones are the most critical and for others it might be the servers.

Operational Priorities help answer a lot of Business Continuity related questions.

Disaster Recovery

We work together to understand your business operations. We look at things like….

      • What do you  use for accounting software?
      • How do you manage important documents?
      • What do you use for Email?
      • What do you use for Phones?
      • How reliable is your internet connection?
      • What other business activities are important to successfully operate?

With this information we recommend solutions to help protect our business from disaster. 


What is your IT ROI? How much do you spend on IT Resources and what is actual benefit to your business. We partner with you to optimize systems and software to efficiently conduct daily operations. If you are experiencing random crashes, slow computers, network problems, unreliable internet your ROI is probably low. We help plan, purchase, install and repair IT resources returning the profit to your investment.


Pricing and billing

We like to start with a free phone call or virtual conference. We will gather a basic business outline and make sure our products and services align.

Business Continuity starts at 75$ to 90$ per hour depending on travel.