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Web Hosting

What is Web Hosting

Web Hosting is where we manage your website on our servers using the most popular web platform in the world, WordPress. 

While many customer choose to have us manage everything others simply use our services for just hosting. We’re local, here in the PNW.

What is the cost

Web hosting is 25$ a month. Billed annually.

Additional services can be purchased at 75$ per hour. Services include content changes, graphics design, search engine ranking and more.

Email Hosting

What is Email Hosting

Are you using a Gmail or Yahoo account to conduct business with your customers? We can fix that with an Email Hosting plan.

Some times we just create a single mailbox and forward the emails to Gmail. It looks more professional but doesn’t take away from how you’re used to doing business.

What is the cost

The first mailbox starts at 10$ a month, each additional mailbox is 5$ a month. Billed Annually.

Additional setup fees may apply.

Contact us for more details

Managed Servers

What are Managed Servers

Managed Servers are servers we manage for you. Whether on-site or in the cloud we can help manage them. Servers run all types of business software and they’re critical to daily business operations.

We work with you to understand your business requirements and respond with specific solutions based on every factor.

What is the cost

Managed Servers start at 60$ a month.

See our service contract for additional pricing.