Add browser compatability warning to SSRS

Explains how to tweak SQL Server Reporting Services to include a custom message. In this example we show how to add a custom message that displays a browser compatibility message.

<!– js library imports – jeremy and ryan —>




<!– sniffs the browser for IE if not then throws the alert up of not on IE —>


var agentString = navigator.userAgent.toLowerCase();


function() {

if (agentString.indexOf(“trident”) == -1) {

//alert(“your browser is unsupported, please use IE”);

var v = “<div style=’text-align:center; font-size:125%’ class=’alert alert-danger’ role=’alert’><button type=’button’ class=’close’ data-dismiss=’alert’><span aria-hidden=’true’>&times;</span><span class=’sr-only’>Close</span></button><P><strong>Warning!</strong> Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services works best with Internet Explorer.</p></div>”;







<!– formatting fixes for drop downs —>


label {





input[type=”checkbox”] {

line-height: normal!important;

margin: 00!important;


table {

border-collapse: inherit;

border-spacing: 0;



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