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Applications & Software

Address Sync

A need was identified for an master table that could be used to validate address information and potentially update additional address information based on values in the master table. With this there became a need for software that would easily allow users to upload, download and manage the master lookup table. Included with this you can manage the address information in FireRMS and update in batch. AddSync can be run remotely with the appropriate SQL logins and can be set to run daily or by date batches. The intent of AddSync is to allow for greater flexibility in data analysis as well as automating redundant data entry.

FireRMS Scheduler

FireRMS Scheduler is a Windows Desktop Application that connects to an existing FireRMS Database and allows users to schedule, remove and review occupancy inspection information in bulk.

Altaris to FireHouse Interface

Is a Windows Service designed to digest Altaris CAD calls into FireHouse Software. The system uses configuration files to translate the information to FireHouse. This allows the software to change based on customer needs.